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From Marc Escarbot Theatre in Church Point, Nova Scotia to the International Festival of Shanghai, BLOU does not cease sowing its unique style of music. We had to invent a word to describe it - ACADICO. As a hurricane, BLOU was born in Nova Scotia in 1994. The Acadian people fell in love with the sound right away. The origin of the name BLOU comes from an aboriginal man who lived at the end of the street where BLOU resides, "L'Allée des Blou".

BLOU's history started in 1994 with LE GALA DE LA CHANSON DE LA NOUVELLE-ÉCOSSE where BLOU won three prizes; Chanson primée pour LA FOLIE (Best Song), singer-songwriter award and the peoples choice award. The first challenge for BLOU was a show designed for the acadian young people. The show was called 'VOYAGE THRU ACADIE' and was applauded by more than 12 000 students of the Atlantic provinces.

The show for young public continued and gradually were added cultural centres, festivals, special events, cabarets, bars and other cultural places in Acadie.

In 1998 BLOU self-produced its first opus and selected the title - ACADICO. The disc was published under independent label and is still a great success in the Atlantic provinces to this day.

In 1999 BLOU's career took another turn. BLOU collects a horde of prizes for its first recording: winning an ECMA Award for "FRANCOPHONE ALBUM OF THE YEAR" and the Éloizes prize for "ARTIST OF THE YEAR".

It was also during this same year that BLOU decided to forces with the young but ambtious managment team "À l'infini communications" from Trois-Rivière Québec. With the coming of the new millenium, BLOU's first album is distibuted by the European distribution company 'L'autre distribution' who worked hard on the making the CD available across FRANCE, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND and SPAIN. This allowed BLOU to become the first Acadian artist from Nova Scotia to have a European distribution.

In 2000, BLOU evolved. More energetic than ever, the second disc, RYTHM' N BLOU, explored various topics from love to a Saturday night dance. Collecting several prizes such as Éloizes for "ARTIST MOST RECOGNIZED OUTSIDE ACADIE" and recieving several nominations from the ÉTOILE AWARDS for "ALBUM OF THE YEAR", "GROUP/ARTIST OF THE YEAR" and for "FOLK ARTIST OF THE YEAR". BLOU also received nominations at the Music Industry of Nova Scotia for "GROUP/ARTIST OF THE YEAR" and was among the finalists for BEST ACADIAN SONG OF THE YEAR on the French network of CBC Atlantic Radio-Canada.

BLOU is still indisputably on the road towards bigger success. Taking part in several international events. Recognized in the French-speaking communities as well as the anglophone communities across Canada, BLOU hopes to continue promoting Acadian and French Canadian culture through out the world.

The years which followed were years filled with beautiful adventures. Mainly on the International market. BLOU visited several countries of Europe such as Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland. Moreover BLOU always wanted to export his music in countries which he dreamed for a long time. Such as Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and the Peoples Republic of China. Of course there were several visits to the United States and also in the ten Canadian provinces. Once again BLOU receives several nominations at the East Coast Music Awards and Music Industry of Nova Scotia Awards in the categories; ECMA - "FRANCOPHONE ALBUM OF THE YEAR", "GROUP TRADITIONAL OF THE YEAR", MIANS - "GROUP OF THE YEAR", "ARTIST OF THE YEAR", "REVELATION OF THE YEAR". Moreover BLOU saw  itself decreed a nomination for the Galaxie price for "FRANCOPHONE ARTIST OF THE YEAR".

In 2003 BLOU won the prize "Zof-PassepArt-TV5" for its omnipresence over the international scene. And in that same year BLOU received; the "Grand-Pre Prize", this biannual prize recognizes an artist whose work reflects the cultural Acadian values and its traditions, from its excellence and its originality. Winning MIANS Award for "FRANCOPHONE ARTIST OF THE YEAR" like several nominations at the Étoiles Awards of the ARCANB. BLOU became an Acadian musical tide always rising.

In the year 2005, BLOU essentially worked on its 4th recording. During that time BLOU Ronald Bourgeois, Martine Girard & Sylvain Michel united their talents to create brand new songs for the brand new CD. Furthermore, the new association with well-known Quebec producer Toby Gendron, gave new life to BLOU. Spring 2005 BLOU had a huge success in China. During the fall BLOU presented 10 shows at the ''AICHIE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION'' in Japan. Instant success for BLOU, the expo organisation were very empress by the talent and energy of BLOU. A first for the Expo 2005, the public danced and sang BLOU's unique songs and music.

In October, BLOU visits China once again. After a series of shows filled with success BLOU wins the award for ''BEST SHOW'' during THE SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL OF THE PERFORMING ARTS 2005. This award is based on the Chinese public's choice and includes theatre, dance, classical and popular music. On October 17th, BLOU released his first single from his 4th CD « Pied-à-terre ». COME AWAY CAFÉ, surprised many by its new sound and the international inspiration from BLOU's travels. Radio stations responded very well to this new sound and broadcast the single a lot on francophone airwaves across Canada.BLOU's fourth album has been in stores since February 14th 2006. In November 2006, BLOU has received the Nova Scotia Music award for "Francophone Artiste of the Year". Also in November 2006 that BLOU launched his mini Christmas album "Tringgle". December 13, Blou receives his first gold record for his Christmas album. This is a first for a Francophone Artist from Nova Scotia. Then on December 15 2006, BLOU receives 2 nominations at the East Coast Music Awards 2007, for "Francophone album of the year" and for "Artist of the year".

On December 26 BLOU receives second place in the people's choice Top 5 in the Chronicle Herald's Honour Roll 2006.

On February 18th, 2007 BLOU won the 2007 ECMA award for Francophone recording of the year for his album “Pied-à-terre”.

In 2008 BLOU was the producer of the firt tribute CD to an Acadian artist.  The album « J’ai trouvé dans une chanson » received extraordinaire reviews.  The album received the Nova Scotia Music Award 2009 for « Francophone recording of the year ».

BLOU continue to travel the world with his music and presented his show in China, in The Netherlands, Scotland, England and France.  At the end of 2008 Blou released his Christmas DVD NOEL BLOU.  A special production because BLOU was accompagnied by the Chœur du Nouveau Monde du Collège Vocal de Laval

In 2008 BLOU produced the first tribute album honoring an Acadian singer-songwriter. J’ai trouvé dans une chanson was highly acclaimed by critics.

This album earned him the Music Nova Scotia Award: Francophone Album of the Year in the fall of 2008. In addition BLOU continues to travel the globe, touring places such as China, Holland, Scotland, England and France. During the winter of 2008, we saw the release of his first Christmas DVD. This was a very special production that included the participation of Le choeur du Nouveau Monde du Collège de Laval, directed by none other than Gregory Charles.

In 2009, BLOU received the Francophone Album of the Year award at the East Coast Music Awards (ECMA) for the CD J’ai trouvé dans une chanson.  Increasingly recognized in the United States, BLOU has done several tours in the U.S.  BLOU was also invited to present his music in Saudi Arabia. This is a first for a French-speaking artist from Nova Scotia.

In early 2010 BLOU received the ECMA Award for Francophone Album of the Year for Noël Blou.

Following the release of Martin Giroux’s new album La vie ça s’mérite, BLOU received critical acclaim for its somber and respectful production of the artist’s work.

In September 2010 BLOU co-produced an album by Trois-Rivières singer, Fabiola Toupin, and penned the flagship song of the album. Later in the year, BLOU was the only francophone artist in the country to be nominated as finalist in the CBC Radio 2 contest David Suzuki playlist for the Planet.

2011 began in great fanfare as BLOU was among the nominees for the Artist of the Year at the ECMA gala. He also arranged and produced several projects  - these include the young Acadian singer songwriter Matt Mallet - John Jed, Michel Marchildon and many others. BLOU became musical director for several Canadian artists including Martin Giroux. While writing and performing his own songs, BLOU is also composing for other Canadian artists in 2012.

2012 began in great way as BLOU won the award"ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR - FANS CHOICE"  at the East Coast Music Award.  BLOU became the 1st francophone in the ECMA's history (24th years) to won the award.  This achievement will be stay in francophone history as one of the best achievement for a francophone artist.

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